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Why We Love Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Styles Everyone Loves

Victoria Beckham is a famous and world-renown designer who has proven her style over and over again throughout generations of women. The look of sophistication and the trend of styles are blended together to suit the needs of working women, especially mothers who prefer the elegance. After batches of collections, Victoria Beckham never fails to include jewelry items in her designs and styles. Most pieces are cut and fashioned according to what suits the women of this generation. From angles and directions, the jewelry items, especially the statement jewelry pieces, are designed for an elegant offering of ready-to-wear pieces. Here are some of the best styles:

Little Black Dress

Every girl needs that Little Black Dress in her closet, and this is what Victoria Beckham focused on. The style remains the same but with a little twist. To complete the details, the accessories are carefully chosen. Although Victoria Beckham’s principle on accessorizing is wearing less to have more, the jewelry line is more precise for elegance and sophistication.


Pair of Jeans

According to her, investing on a good pair of jeans is better. Jeans are so versatile that you can put on any shirts or blouses to pair with it. You can even be chic and sophisticated in jeans when you pair it up with some statement jewelry or elegant earrings, necklace, and bracelets. She always emphasizes that it is best to invest on key pieces of clothes that can be worn season after season, and a good pair of jeans is well suited to that.

Dress for all occasions

A nice dress works for day or night out, even for office and other special events. Victoria Beckham says that a failsafe outfit that will work for any occasion is a nice dress or a sexy dress that you feel comfortable wearing. Whether it is of simple style or design, you can make your dress look fabulous by adding sophisticated jewelry pieces or any statement jewelry. You can use your jewelry subscription box to add details to your dress.

Ornate Jewelry

One thing that Victoria Beckham never leaves home without is her pieces of ornate jewelry. She makes sure that she has something to wear on her neck, ears, and wrists when she goes out. She always carries her rhinestones, chandelier earrings, studded diamond pendants, and some blue sapphire necklace pendants.

There are also less pricey versions of these collections. Your jewelry subscription box may contain some of this glitz or you may want to try labrodite pendants instead of the rhinestones. Jewelry is an essential and important piece of outfit. Unlike clothing, jewelry is timeless in beauty and value. Investing on beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry will never disappoint you.


According to her, wearing jewelry looks even more fabulous if it is worn according to the shape of face. For elongated face, cascade earrings or linear earrings are perfect while for round face, short earrings, or drop earrings, or cluster earrings are great. For faces with heart or oval shapes, bigger hoops and chandeliers work best to fill up the space missing below the chin. These are some of the styles from Victoria Beckham that everyone loves, especially moms and working women who want sophistication in simple pieces.

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