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Wear Denim Shorts Perfectly!

How to Wear Denim Shorts the Lady Way

Whether you want a casual style or a perfectly laid back and polished one, you can always slay the street when you wear denim shorts the lady way. You really don’t have to wear denim shorts that are too short if you are not comfortable with it. A pair of denim shorts in knee length can also be paired with nice tops for a chic style. With denim shorts, you also do not have to spend a fortune because you can simply cut at desired length your old pair of jeans hiding in the closet. You can wear it on casual moments or when having coffee with friends or strolling around the park or when watching movies at the cinema. Here’s how you can wear denim shorts and still be the lady you are:

A Blazer over a Tee and Denim Shorts

The elegance of wearing blazer is also pretty nice on a simple t-shirt and denim shorts. Put on some necklace and chokers and make the outfit stand out. Pair up your nice flats on this style and you are all set for a daytime event or for a semi-formal dinner. Style-up the outfit with your jewelry items in your jewelry subscription box.

Button-Down Tops Tucked in Denim Shorts

A button-down top and a pair of denim shorts are perfect together. Tuck the top in your denim shorts and feel the feminine style. Complete your lady-like outfit with a pair of sandals or sneakers and a nice set of jewelry. Check the subscription box for some chic jewelry pieces for a lovely style.

Denim Jacket and Denim Shorts

Double the denim outfit by wearing a denim jacket over a chic top or tee on your denim shorts. If you are still hesitant of wearing shorts, try a looser-fitting one and cover it up with a nice denim jacket. Don’t forget your statement jewelry if you intend to go to a casual or semi-formal event. A pair of sneakers may show a sporty style.

Striped Tee-Shirt on Denim Shorts and Espadrilles

A striped t-shirt and a denim shorts are the outfit of summer, especially when paired with espadrilles. No matter how long the or short the sleeves are, your style will never go wrong with a denim shorts. Hang out with friends or go for a dinner date on this outfit, and don’t forget to wear your elegant pieces from the jewelry subscription box.

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Tunic-Like Flowy Blouse on Denim Shorts

A tight cropped top will never be appropriate on short denim shorts, but a flowy blouse gives the balance to the outfit. Lace-up flats will also add flare to the style while cover some part of the lower leg as well. Wear some earrings and necklace and feel the summer breeze out there with companions.

Large or Oversize Sweatshirts on Denim Shorts with Scarf for a Style

A lightweight oversize sweatshirts or sweaters look great on any denim shorts. Balance the outfit by tying a scarf around your neck. Whether you are out in the beach or just stroll along the street, this style will never go wrong on summer season.

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