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Capsule Wardrobe: Keep What You Can Wear Anytime

Ultimate Guide to Having a Capsule Wardrobe

The key to easy dressing up is to have a capsule wardrobe with specific style you love to wear. Buying clothes every now and then will end up into a wardrobe filled with all sorts of styles and pieces that are not really in-style or in-season to wear. For a capsule wardrobe, the key is to keep particular pieces of clothes that you can wear anytime and those that never actually go out-of-style. Here’s a simple guide to your capsule wardrobe:

·        Set a schedule for wardrobe sorting

Perhaps a six-month period is enough to keep the wardrobe up and about, but after the season, it is best to sort through the wardrobe and select clothes to keep and de-clutter. Choose the clothes that you think are useful for the season and keep the clothes out for a while that you think are not in-season to wear.

·        Be realistic and practical

You may have a lot of stylish clothes and shoes and heels, and jewelry, but in reality, you don’t really get to use them every day because of your business or daily task. If you want to clear out your wardrobe and shoe racks from clutters, keep and store those items that you will only need once in a while and retain those that you will need to use daily and regularly. It will be nice if you will have another closet for items that you will only use once in a while. Make sure that they are also organized for easy dressing.

·        Buy what you need

When you buy clothes, shoes, sandals, bags, and other accessories, including jewelry, choose those items that you need instead of those that you want. If you love chic style and trendy clothes, think first if you will be able to use them most of the time. Remember that you will not really attend a party each and every night to have such clothes in your wardrobe. Your jewelry subscription box may contain statement jewelry, but most of these items are fashionable enough to be worn regularly.

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·        Invest more on high quality useful items

An expensive coat that you can use all throughout the year, whatever the season is, is something worth investing for. Instead of buying trendy sweat shirts or winter coats, spend your money on one that more reliable and durable to last a few years. Jewelry such as necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings are also high quality items worth investing for. They are not only useful but their value also increases over time. Investing on a jewelry subscription box is a wise move.

·        Keep your wardrobe in proper order

The easiest way to choose what to wear is to have an organized closet and wardrobe. Put all dresses according to color, length, or use to help you pick easily. Divide the clothes according to categories as well. Keep the jeans and pants in one corner beside the shirts and trousers or let the dividers divide the shelves to keep each category neat and in order. If you prefer your clothes to be hanged and not folded, make sure that they are also organized according to category. This will give you a neat closet and a wardrobe that helps you pick clothes easily.

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