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Dos and Don’ts – Wedding Jewelry

The Dos and Don’ts in Wedding Jewelry

If you want to glow brightly when you walk down the aisle, you need to choose the right pieces of items that are perfect for you. The bridal gown and bridal bouquet are among the essential things to decide upon during the wedding preparation, but the wedding jewelry should also be chosen carefully. If you are planning your own wedding, here are the dos and don’ts when you pick the perfect earrings, necklace, and other jewelry to wear for the wedding:

DO: New and Borrowed Items Mixed Together

The vintage brooch or vintage ring that your grandmother wears is a perfect match to a modern design of necklace pendant or earrings. Do not be afraid to mix and match them and do not hesitate to ask your grandmother for the piece. She will surely be thrilled to lend it to you on your wedding day.

Some grandmothers also give an heirloom as wedding present to their beautiful and lovely granddaughter. Make use of it by pairing it with other pieces of jewelry.

DON’T: Necklace on Asymmetrical Gowns

The fashion trend of asymmetrical gowns is already a fashion statement that enhances the entire body of the bride. Wearing necklace is a big no for this style because it will only tend to over-decorate the gown or keep the emphasis on the upper part. Let everyone behold the beautiful bride in her beautiful bridal gown the way it is. If you want to wear jewelry, pick a pair of statement earrings or a spectacular earring design that will match the gown.


DO: Earrings with Your Headpiece before Buying It

The embellishment, style, design, and finish of your headpiece should match the design of your earrings. When you buy earrings for the wedding, bring along the headpiece and try wearing them together to see if they both enhance the overall look.


DON’T: Wrist Watch with Bridal Gown

Let the wedding organizer handle all the necessary items and schedule. Focus on your special day and how you will look as beautiful as you dreamed of. Avoid wearing wristwatch with your bridal gown just to keep yourself on cue for each and every step of the wedding. One reason is because you have a groom waiting for you on the altar and another reason is because it does not look nice on a wedding gown. Wear statement jewelry for the earrings instead, or choose a vintage brooch to emphasize the design of the gown.

DO: Wedding Ring with Design that Matches the Gown, Motif, and Entire Skin

If you will choose your wedding ring, think about the color of your skin, the motif of your wedding, the embellishments of the gown, and the theme of the wedding. Wedding ring is not just a piece of band that symbolizes the matrimony of marriage, but is also a piece of jewelry to enhance your overall look on your wedding day. A modern day wedding is expected to have that classic shine style while vintage style wedding is expected to present a piece of antique for the ring.


DON’T: Too Much Accessories

Over use of accessories will only make you look like a little girl playing with mom’s jewelry. Never over accessorize yourself on your wedding day but rather emphasize on one part with statement jewelry and balance the accessories with small items on the other parts.

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