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Summer Trends: INs and OUTs This Season

Summer Trends: What’s IN and What’s OUT?

The feel of summer is already here. As it begins to get warm outside, many fashionable individuals are already looking for what is IN and what is OUT for this season. Here is a list of the clothes in fashion for the summer 2017:

·        What’s IN

Khakis and Chinos

Utility dressing with khakis and chinos is in this summer season. It gives an all new off-duty outfit with a strong fashion across the season. With khakis and chinos, it is easier to create a reliable capsule wardrobe that is not only for comfort during the summer season, but also wearable for a lot of purposes, even throughout the year. It can be worn at work or at hangouts. For casual and formal gathering, do not forget a piece of statement jewelry to accessorize this outfit.


That preppy look is still in-fashion this summer. The gingham style gives a fabulous alternative to prints and stripes and everyone will love wearing it in its comfortable fabric. As fashion continues to become modernized, gingham style becomes more fashionable for summer and even for other seasons. Maximize the look and fashion by wearing jewelry like earrings, necklace, or bracelet, or some items from your jewelry subscription box.

Summer Basket Bags

One of the summer essentials is the basket handbag crafted specially for summer days. Most of these basket bags are designed with wicks and stylish designs, in different colors, sizes, and accessories for a fashionable summer carry.

statement necklace

Retro Bikinis

More designs of retro bikinis are going out in the market. It is just a proof that they are always in-fashion and will never really be forgotten. The high waist style of the retro bikinis topped with a bandeau is such a hit to many ladies who love the beach on summer days.

statement bracelet

Cowboy Boots

Although the fashion trend put the cowboy boots aside for a while, they are making a big comeback this summer. They are not only great for summer fashion, but also a big hit during the winter days. It will be a wise move to have modern designs of cowboy boots for this summer because they can be worn in dress, jeans, or even in shorts and skirts. It is a very ideal choice of footwear during the summer season.

Wrap Dress

Wear it over your bikinis while walking along the beach or use it as accessory when you stroll around the city, a wrap dress is a wardrobe staple. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and very fashionable to wear on different outfits.

statement jewelry

Big Bold Earrings

Jewelry items are perfect to pair on any summer outfits, especially those earrings in big and bold drop designs. They are fun to wear and easy to match with fashionable summer attires. Your jewelry subscription box may have the statement jewelry or earrings for this purpose. Check it out and enjoy the season.



·        What’s OUT

Black Outfits

Although black is the color that can be matched with other colors, many designers come out with trendy designs using bold colors like bold yellow instead of pastel yellow. Instead of black, choose the color of the summer season and play with it. Add some accessories like jewelry, bags, and scarf.

Lingerie Dresses

For this summer season, the world of fashion is in with the shift dress and out with the lingerie dress. If you still want to use your lingerie dress, layer it with substantial pieces as covers.

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