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Jewelry Trend: What To Wear This Summer?

Summer Jewelry Trend

Whenever summer season breaks in, most girls are about fashionable outfits that are cool and comfortable to wear, or hair and make up for a glamorous summer event. Summertime may not be the best time to wear and put on heavy adornments and statement jewelry, but there are jewelry items that are festive enough to make the summer fashion style more attractive and head-turning. Whether you are on a summer trip for the whole vacation or you are piled up with office works, summer is always a fun time to enjoy fashion, especially jewelry. Here are some suggestions on how you can make use of your jewelry subscription box:


Oversize Geometric Metal Earrings

They have the big and oversize design of metal in geometric style. The balls are either made from silver or gold with connecting bars. There are round and spheres and triangles resembling the geometry shapes, and they are used as design for the earrings to show a style or fashion statement. The design is very dramatic but just perfect for any outfit. This jewelry items can be included in your jewelry subscription box.

Tiered Tassel Earrings

The feathers in layer or tier design give the feel of a lighter mood. As the tassel swings back and forth, it also inspires you to feel light and bubbly and enjoy the summer breeze. Tassels are not so heavy even in long and big tiers. They are so comfortable to wear on any summer outfits like off-shoulder tops. They are great as statement earrings, and they are ear-friendly as well.


Chokers were actually forgotten, but now that they are in modern design, they are making a great comeback as summer jewelry items. Some girls are afraid to wear necklace and chokers, but with simple style and by going minimalist in wearing chokers, they are just perfect for ordinary casual attires and for formal fashionable summer outfits.

Hardware-Inspired Bracelet

Rock an edgy and bold outfit with hardware-inspired bracelets. Although girls are used to the sweet and feminine design when it comes to fashion and jewelry, adding some unconventional hardware-inspired jewelry items like bracelet also adds mystery to style.

Bold-Faced Watches

Summer season is the best time to wear the bold-faced watches. Be bold yet fashionable with full circle design of this watch. There are new and modern designs that are also eye-catching timepieces. Whether in sleek bands of leather or rubber or fine metal braiding, uplift your fashion with a bold watch. Look out for the bold watches from your jewelry subscription box and explore the feel of fashion during summer season.

Mismatched Rings

One approach to summer fashion is by wearing mismatched rings. Mix different metals or designs in your fingers to give an impression. They are more than statement jewelry but also style that says you are enjoying the season. The subscription box may contain different rings that are best for this style.

Layered Pendants

The necklace you are used to wear can be enhanced with layered pendants. Enjoy the different lengths of the necklace and mix the pendants for the more fashionable attire. When you wear your V-Neck t-shirts or blouses with plunging neckline design, your style will never go unnoticed.

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