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Summer 2017 Cut-out Trends – The Cold Shoulder

Show off Your Shoulders This Summer

Summer is coming. It’s time to look for clothes that are lighter and comfortable for the warm weather. One trendy clothing apparel is the off-shoulder top. Its light texture and soft fabric is perfect for the summer days. There is so much about the off-shoulder tops. You can show off your shoulders without showing off the cleavage or the midriff part. While waiting for the summer season to start, you have to prepare for it. Here are some steps to wear those off-shoulder tops this summer with total confidence:

Step 1:  Prepare Your Skin

Wearing off-shoulder tops means exposing a part of your skin. Knowing that, making your skin ready for the summer exposure is a lot of an advantage. Make sure there is no dull skin on your shoulders and all throughout your body. You can do that by exfoliating your skin. An exfoliating bath brush is better than using scrubs or salt bath. Shower and wash the dullness away when you take a bath. Use body wash with moisture-keeping properties to achieve soft and healthy skin and to make your skin ready for the summer. Aside from moisturizer, your skin also needs sun protection. Use lotion with SPF 30 or above, especially on the shoulders. Although not all body wash and skin care products work on all types of skin, using what works well on your skin will give you benefits.


Step 2: Look for One that Fits You Perfectly

When you look for the off-the-shoulder tops, get the one that fits your body size perfectly. The market is filled with different designs in different fabrics and materials. From the floral designs to the striped ones to the silhouette ones, there is a great selection to choose from. The main point is to pick the one that is fit for your body. If you are too hesitant to wear off-shoulder tops, there are also tops and blouses with cutouts in the shoulder and arm part. They also look great for the summer season.

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Step 3: Maximize the Style with Accessories

Wearing off-shoulder tops exposes the shoulders and the neck. With the right accessories, you can direct the attention to the facial frame and away from the skin. This is the perfect time to make use of your jewelry subscription box. If you have collections of statement jewelry, choose the ones that go well with the style you prefer to wear. Earrings and necklace are among the key objects that are perfect for this style. Other jewelry, like ring or bracelet, may also be used depending on your style or mood. Some fashion icons wear dangling earrings and choker necklace paired with longer pendants.


Step 4: Let Down Your Hair

Your beautiful hair is your glory and crown. This is a perfect time to let them down not just to cover the bare shoulders but also to show off your soft, shiny hair. Maximize the style by wearing fabulous hairstyles and hair accessories. Avoid ponytails and up do of hair. Let the hair flow loose in a set of waves or curls. The natural look of the waves of your hair flowing down is a good complement to the natural style of the off-shoulder tops.


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