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Ruby Gemstone: Why It’s So Precious

Interesting Facts about the Ruby Gemstone

When it comes to precious gemstones, the Ruby gem is one of the staples all around the world. Ruby is a gemstone that is at the forefront when luxury lore and birthstones are being discussed. You will find your monthly jewelry subscription box to contain sets of jewelry with details of rubies. Its inherent beauty, rare structure, and appealing color make it a very precious stone. More than just a gemstone, ruby is interesting for so many reasons. Here are some of the interesting facts about rubies:

Ruby, what is this Gemstone?

Ruby is from the Latin word “rubens” which means red. Although rubies are considered as corundum, its chromium contents make it red. There are also rubies in pink color and referred to as pink ruby or pink sapphire. Compared to diamonds, rubies have a scale of 9 in terms of Mohs scale of hardness, which is similar to sapphires but only second to diamonds.

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Its Symbolism

Ruby is used in different movies to show power and to signify protection against evil powers. Symbolizing power and protection, ruby is also considered as the love gemstone because of its red color. In Biblical association, rubies are used to symbolize beauty, wisdom, and virtuosity. In many ancient folklores however, rubies are used to signify peace with enemies.

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Its Value

The value of ruby is very high that it sometimes comes similar to a diamond. A 10-Karat ruby or large ruby stone can be a rare stone and priced even higher than any averaged-size diamond. A deep-red ruby is also of high value, especially when found to have a hint of blue on its chromium. This type of ruby is known as the “pigeon’s blood.” Some rubies, on the other hand, have inclusions but can be tolerable, but when inclusions affect the ruby, its value decreases. Most of the high value rubies are usually mined somewhere in Myanmar, thus it is known as the Burmese Ruby.

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Famous Rubies all over the world

Among the famous rubies around the world are the Rosser Reeves Star Ruby, De Long Star Ruby, and the Edwardes Ruby. The Hope Ruby was the most expensive one that was sold with a weight of 32.08 carats and a price of $6.74 million. The ruby that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, which was designed by Van Cleef&Arpels, was also sold in 2011 with a price of $4.2 million and a total weight of 8.24 carats. The price of ruby per carat that time was approximately $500,000.

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Synthetic Rubies

Rubies have their imperfections as well. Similar to the emerald and other stones, such imperfections are used to identify synthetic rubies. When a ruby stone lacks inclusions, it is identified as synthetic. On the other hand, most of these simulated rubies are used to create different designs of stones for the jewelry. Some earrings, necklaces, bracelets, statement jewelry, and other precious heirlooms have rubies made from synthetic or simulated rubies.


The jewelry subscription box you have may contain jewelry with simulated rubies. They are beautiful sets of rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, and even watches created with details added with rubies for beauty and sophistication, and for symbolism.

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