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No-Dress Outfits For Hot Weather

Summer No-Dress Outfits

It is always fun to play with clothes whatever the season is. On summer season, the option is not always dresses. Some girls are not comfortable with the breezy silhouette of dresses because they see it more of a hindrance than a comfort. But to enjoy the summer, there are other options. If you are more comfortable with pants, here are some ways to enjoy pants on summer and make your outfits a head-turning one:

Loose-fitting Pants paired with Crocheted Top

An open-weave or crocheted top is perfect for loose-fitting pants or culottes. Tuck the top in and let your figure show off. Make it more fabulous by adding some pieces of jewelry like earrings and necklace and bracelets. You will never go wrong with the style even in different color combination. Flats or sandals or stacked shoes, you will enjoy the warm days of summer.

All White Attire

White outfits are feminine. White can reflect the sunlight while keeps the body feeling light. A white blouse on white pair of jeans makes a nice summer outfit, especially when adorned with statement jewelry on occasions, or chic jewelry items on weekend hangouts. The jewelry subscription box has these special items for accessories to any outfits. For your footwear, it is pretty cool that all styles go along well with white jeans and white attire.

Loose Joggers and Striped Tank

The soft fabrics of the joggers and the cool and comfortable style of a striped tank will be your perfect outfit on a summer day. In any color of stripes and joggers, let the summer days be as fun and as you want it to be. Whether you feel sporty or bubbly, this outfit will be your best option. They are also great as night attire even on cool summer nights.This attire is a fashion forward edge that you can wear at home and out there in the sun.

Style Up with Linen

When it is summertime, it is also linen time. Cool down with linen clothes, white or black or colorful. The skin loves the linen as it allows the air to flow through the skin and avoid sticky sweat. You can even wear a nice pair of jewelry, big or small. Your top made of linen can be paired with a pair of linen pants. This will give you the breezy feel daytime or nighttime.

Jumpsuit and Denim Jacket

Any jumpsuit will look fabulous with a denim jacket. Keep your outfit loose and swingy by choosing soft fabrics for jumpsuit. You may choose pastel colors or floral jumpsuit to feel the festivity of summer. The denim jacket is comfortable to wear on any jumpsuits, and a chunky necklace will put the outfit together. There are accessories to add to enhance the style, like a pair of shades and a set of costume jewelry. The subscription box may have all of the pieces of jewelry you need to keep this style fresh.

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Street Jeans and Off-Shoulder Tops

What more can be cooler than wearing off-shoulder tops on a pair of street jeans? The baggy style will always turn the warm days into cool and no-fuss feeling while enjoying the sun. Bring your shoulder bag and be ready for playful fun experiences ahead.

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