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Jewelry Trends: What is Worth Buying This Season?

Jewelry Trends of the Season worth Buying

When it comes to jewelry choices, the trend for this season is becoming more distinct. The designs are ranging from big hoops of gold earrings to layers of pendants and necklaces to dainty anklets to rings and bracelets of dramatic details. Investing on these pieces of jewelries completes the outfits for an average celebrity personalities and fashionable girls. The fashion world of jewelry items has change a bit, and most of the jewelry pieces of this generation are amazingly designed for fashionable accessories. Whether you intend to wear pieces of jewelry from your monthly jewelry subscription box as status symbol or as adornment, you are fortunate that designers already gave the best suggestions.

Stackable Rings

One jewelry trend of this generation is the stacked ring. Celebrities and personalities are rocking the fashion world of jewelry by wearing designer’s stackable rings. They are great to mix and match different styles and colors of rings, thus creating a personalized fashion statement.


Bracelet Piles

Most fashionable personalities love wearing bunches of bracelets at a time. This is the hot trend in jewelry fashion now. Mixing and matching different bracelets in different designs or colors from your jewelry subscription box are just great to show off individualism and personality. You can always be creative when you wear your piles of bracelets and don’t be afraid to pile them up, thin or thick, on both arms.


Big Hoop Earrings

Fashionable women wear big hoop earrings to attract attention and to show fearlessness or boldness. Another jewelry trend of this season worth trying is the big hoop earrings. If you are tired of your simple plain diamond stud, try wearing the hoop earrings as your statement jewelry. You can pair them up easily with any outfits and with any hairstyles. Big hoop earrings are also visible all over fashion runways around the world today.


Layered Pendants and Necklaces

According to designers and jewelry trend setters, layering necklaces means more diversity in neck details. You can wear your favorite necklaces together to get that layer style, and the more combination you have, the better for the style. However, there is limitation to it. The key is to have a variety of length and not in bulk. Finer chains are best to layer up for a more charming fashion style.

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Anklet Trends

Ankle chains or ankle bracelets are commonly called as anklets. Throughout history, this trend has been visible. However, more than just a fashion on jewelry trend, wearing anklets may also symbolize some things. To some countries, married women who wear anklets signify they are “hot mamas” who play along the sexual relationship.  Some single ladies who wear their anklets on the right foot are sometimes referred to as “call girls” in some parts of the world while those women who wear their anklets on the right foot, similar to a wedding ring on the right hand, signifies they are taken and committed to a husband.

In this new generation of fashion trends, such symbolism may not be of importance, especially that many celebrities are seen in the runways wearing anklets as part of their outfits. Designers now include anklets as a great design for accessorizing for fashion.

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