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How to Dress According to Your Body Type

Do you really know what your body type is? Do you know how to dress according to your body type? Depending on your body type, there are areas that you need to accentuate and areas that you should hide. Shopping for clothes is an easy task if you know what to pick. Here is a simple guide on how to dress according to your body type:

silhouettes of various types of female figures. vector illustration
silhouettes of various types of female figures. vector illustration

Hourglass Shape

If you have tiny waist and curvy body figure, your body type is hourglass. When you choose your outfit, pick clothes that will highlight the curvy waist. One example is a belted jacket which emphasizes the waist. A pencil skirt and a crop top are also perfect for your curvy figure. This will flatter your hourglass shape.

A wrap dress with V-neck detail will flatter your bust while highlights the waist and hips. Choose a stylish and fashionable set of jewelry that includes necklace with a nice pendant, earrings, and bracelet. Check your jewelry subscription box for items that are more formal in style to complement the dress.

Apple Shape

If you carry weight around the middle part of your body but the lower part is a bit slim, your body shape is apple. You will need an outfit that minimizes the weight and bulky midsection through highlights on the upper part, specifically on your shoulders.

A swing coat over your casual clothes is flattering to your body. A flowy top and a high waist circle skirt will also cover up the shape, as long as the upper and bottom part are detailed to flare up the best part. The skirt and dress that are hemmed down will show off the beautiful legs, which the apple shape body usually has. Moreover, a pair of low-waist and straight-leg pants will also cover up the bulge in the stomach area.

Rectangle Shape

A banana-shaped body is one that has the hips and waist at the same size. To flatter a banana-shaped body, the bust and hips should be emphasized. A ruffled top may give the bust area an added size while trimming down the stomach and waist area. For the bottom part, try wearing mini-skirts or tapered pants to create a curve in the hips and legs. Side-cutout dresses also work wonders in creating curves.

Pear Shape

Your hips are bigger than your upper and waist part. This is a pear shape body. What you need is a set of clothes and outfits that will balance the shape and elongate the body. An off-shoulder dress will emphasize your upper body and draw attention away from the lower part. A good set of jewelry that includes necklace with pendant may help as well. Make use of the statement jewelry you have or the jewelry from your jewelry subscription box for this purpose.

An A-line skirt or boot cut pants paired with an embellished or embroidered top will also do for a pear shape body to keep the focus on the upper body. A structured jacket or jacket that emphasizes the structure of your shoulders is also a good way to prevent attention on the hips area.

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