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Fashion Girl Packing Hacks

Fashionable Packing Hacks for Fashion Girls

Summertime is fun time. Whether you plan for a weekend outing or a quick getaway, you will need a reliable and useful packing bag for all of your summer packing list. You will never want to be stressed of the things you need and want to bring. A nice weekend bag may be enough if you are smart enough to pack your things intelligently. For fashion girls going on a weekend trip, here are some packing hacks that are useful for all your staple items:

Use a Roomy Weekender Bag

For maximum functionality, reliable and quality usefulness, get yourself a roomy bag for all your stuff. Make sure the bag is easy and comfortable to carry. For fashionable girls, there are designer’s bags to choose from with durable materials and quality stitching. There are also large bags that cost less and are made from quality materials. Most weekend bags have durable waxed canvass and straps, and most of them are made with durable zippers and pockets.

A weekender bag should be wide enough to carry all your needed belongings that include your clothes, hygiene and bath kit, and some of your jewelry such as necklace, earrings, bracelets, and watches. Although it is not advisable to bring your statement jewelry or your expensive jewelry subscription box, it is still nice to have fancy jewelry in your bag for fashion and for fancy get up.

Don’t Forget Your Cross-Body Bag

A small, compact cross-body bag is a useful bag to carry when you tour the place. You don’t want to bring a large bag all along while walking up or down the hill on your weekend getaway. Bring one that is compact in size where you can carry your wallet or coin purse and some of your kits and gadgets. Don’t forget to bring your ID’s too.

Wear Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses and shades are a travel-must-have. Fashionable oversize frames are perfect for a chic summer look, but you may choose to bring classic frames as well. Black frames for sunglasses are always ideal for classic attire, but you can always be playful with the color especially during the fun summer vacation.

Bring a Pair of Versatile Sandals

Neutral color of sandals is more functional than a pair of heels, especially if you are heading to a beach on weekends. The sandals are versatile enough to be paired with casual shirts and jeans or bikinis and shorts or a simple evening dress.

Use Stitch-less Lycra for Convertible Bikinis

A stitch-less Lycra in your luggage will give you multiple designs over your bikinis for your weekend getaway. Tie and knot them to create a silhouette for your bikinis.

Bring Compact Makeup Kit

It may not be ideal to bring bulky makeup bag or boxes, but a compact makeup kit that contains eye and cheek palette would be useful enough for the weekend events. Create different styles and looks with this kit by simply blending the shades for eye shadows, blush on, and highlights.

Bring a Purse of Jewelry

A small purse of jewelry containing earrings, necklace, bracelet, wrist watch, and other items can be used in fancy events while on a trip. Make sure you don’t bring statement jewelry and other expensive ones that you may not use while on the vacation.

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