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Fashion Blogs You Need To Follow

Fashion Blogs Worth Following for the Year 2017

The fashion world is emphasized and widened by the fashion blogs being launched each and every year. Fashion blogs are becoming a trend for those who are looking for style inspiration using the internet, not only about fashionable and trendy outfits, but also about statement jewelry and fancy accessories. For this year 2017, the experts did the search and provided a list of the fashion blogs worth following. Here is a list of the fashion blogs for fashionable clothes and items in-style throughout the year:

This fashion blog is created by the famous fashion blogger, Charlotte Groeneveld. She is a Dutch-born but resides in New York. She always wears her statement-dresses, giving her the recognition from fashionable girls and people around the world. This website is designed to help girls find and pick statement dresses and skirts suitable to their styles. The sartorial how-to steps are easy to follow. Her style of mixing the classic style with the ultra-feminine style shows chic and trendy fashion that gives twist to the usual style.

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Pernille Teisbaek

Born in Copenhagen, PernilleTeisbaek is a regular street fashion styler. She Lithesome and Danish style is known to many because she is an epitome of that sleek yet perfect style of fashion. It was in 2012 when she became well known as she launched her blog, the Look De Pernille that exploded the trend-savvy Gucci loafers paired with raw hemmed jeans. The street style was a big hit then, and is still a fashion trend up to now.


Helena Bordon

She is a Brazilian blogger who started young in the fashion world, courtesy of her mom, the style director of Vogue BrazilDonataMeirelles. She joined the industry at the age of 7, and since then became a fashion-minded individual. Her blog provides tips and styles about beauty and fashion, including high street fashion.


Man Repeller

Leandra Medine is the blogger of Man Repeller providing insights and styles about fashion-forward apparels and outfits. She identifies the man’s fashions from ladies’ fashions in most of her blogs.


Park & Cube

Shini Park resides in London but was born in Seoul Korea. She covers almost anything and everything from fashionable outfits to trendy styles and nails and even food. She also gives a step-by-step guide for sewing a personalized cardigan and other glitters, nails, and pencils for a glamorous get up, including jewelry and heels.


Stella’s Wardrobe

Stella Katterman is recognized for her fash-clash styles and personal way of writing her blogs and doing her illustrations, even her personal choice of food and places. Fashion is an important matter to her that she documents it every now and then.

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