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July 4th: How To Dress Up With Style

Dressing Up Fashionably for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is on its way, and this means a big weekend is up to celebrate the event. From the local parade to barbecue party in the neighborhood to back yard festivity with the family or friends, the first concern is what clothes to wear for such an event. Not all girls would want the red, white, and blue colors or any flag-inspired design. The options for fashionable clothes to dress up on the 4th of July include some street styles or floral styles. Here are some suggestions to help you get into the holiday spirit without really wearing the costume:

Combine Two or Three Colors

A red or blue dress in floral prints or other patterns can be paired with white sandals or heels or leather sandals. Top it up with some blue shade jewelry items for your rings, necklace, or earrings and you are all set up for the festivity.

Red and Black plus Accessories

Red and black does not mean blouse and skirts. For a fabulous fashion on the July 4 Celebration, pair your red tops or blouse with a black pair of shoes or sandals. A pair of jeans or denim skirt is also perfect for the get up, giving you quick transitions for post-fireworks dinner. Don’t leave your ears and wrists with no accessories by wearing jewelry. Your jewelry subscription box is definitely packed with a fabulous set.

Striped Shirts or Tops

Stripes can be worn anytime. If you have blue and white or red and white or other color combinations, you can make that your on-theme outfit for the day. Maximize your style by wearing makeup and jewelry like earrings and necklace and bracelets for added style.

Appropriate Attire Depending on Location

A celebration at the beach requires appropriate attire like beach outfits. Whether you choose a striped swimsuit or a striped beach robe, the festivity is already understood. There is no reason to overdoing it.

Choose Pastels

Pastel blue or pastel red is a soft color to choose when slaying off the on-theme outfit for the July 4 celebration. It may be too much for an outfit if you will go for primary colors, but it can be comfortable and cool if you will choose muted tones. Pair up a pastel blue top with white long skirt or denim and complete the get up with leather sandals or tote.

Floral Patterns

Let the floral patterns spin up and show your patriotism. Whether you feel like wearing dress or blouse and skirts or shirts and denims, let the floral patterns speak up for you. Complete it with a pair of white sandals and you are all set up for a fabulous get up for July 4.


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Choose a Nice Shoe

Dress or jeans or skirts or shorts, a nice pair of shoes in red or white or blue is enough for the event. What is best with it is that no one will notice when you wear it again in the office or at weekend stroll.

Choose a Special Set of Jewelry

Be high spirited by adorning your outfit with a special set of jewelry. Any statement jewelry will do or choose to wear a set of earrings and necklace from your jewelry subscription box.

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