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Using Basics For Fab Beach Outfits

Different Beach Outfits Using Basic Items

Now that it is time for beach vacation again, is your beach trip luggage ready and all set up? You may want to bring everything you need but has limited weight requirements for bags and luggage. As much as you want to pack your things as lightly as possible, getting caught with the same pieces of clothes every day is not really enjoyable. Here is a simple set of basic items that will help you create different and unique beach outfits each and every day while on the vacation. The key here is creativity, personal style, and expression of self.

Item #1: Classic Shirt

A shirt can be your ideal outfit when you take the plane or while in transit going to the beach. It can be paired with a simple pair of jeans and sneakers for the day’s flight. In the evening, you can also pair a classic shirt with a mini skirt accessorized with statement jewelry or a set of earrings and necklace that is great for fancy event.

Item #2: Casual Jeans

A pair of jeans is already a comfortable outfit that you can wear in different purposes. Tuck a shirt in or wear a nice top and you are all set for a casual dinner in a restaurant. While on vacation, night out and night life is also possible. You can simply pair your jeans with heels and tops or shift dress and have fun all night. Don’t forget to wear some of your jewelry for accessories.



Item #3: Shorts

A pair of shorts is a useful apparel to have in y our luggage. For casual or for idle moments, you can easily top it up with a nice shirt or dressier top, or blouse for any casual and evening events. For appropriate attires while on beach vacation, wear items from your jewelry subscription box for a more sophisticated look. Shorts are also easy to wear over a bikini, giving you a quick change anytime you need to go to and from the beach.

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Item #4: Wrap-around Skirt

A wrap-around skirt is not only for casual and formal purposes. It is a staple apparel to have in your luggage when you travel and enjoy a beach vacation. Wear it over your bikini and you’ll have a comfortable outfit as you stroll beside the beach. Pair it up with or tuck in your casual shirts on this skirt and you have that lovely attire for a romantic dinner. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with earrings and necklace or some of your jewelry.


Item #5: Large Scarf

A large scarf is a versatile piece of fabric that you can use and wear in different ways. It is not just a scarf that you can tie around your bags or purses, or around your neck or over your hair. A large scarf can be worn as a halter top or as a sarong over your bikini. You can be creative in your outfit with a large scarf in your luggage.

Item #6: Nice Heels

Bring along a nice pair of heels and you will never run out of style. Each of your outfit will definitely look fresh and new when you pair it up with a nice pair of heels.

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