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Decades of Fashion Trends

The Fashion Trends throughout the Decade

Decade after decade, the fashion trends change as a reflection of the shifts in culture, society, technology, and politics. The cycle of trends is very evident in fashion and the fashion trends in the past are coming back time and time again. Designers of this generation are actually looking back through the fashion trends of the decades and they get inspirations from past designs. In fact, the high waist bikinis of the 40’s are coming back and most of the popular trends of the past are included today in the latest designs. Here are some of the most influential fashion trends of the past that are still worn today:

The S-Bend Corset of the 1900s

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During the Edwardian period, the S-Bend Corset or known as “health” corset was the fashion trend for health and posture purposes. In the early years of the decade, the figure was ideally more statuesque, focusing more on the other parts of the body instead of the waist.

The Hobble Skirt of the 1910s

During the Edwardian era, the only fad or fashion that was provocative that time was the Hobble skirt. Based on records, it was Paul Poiret who claimed the creation of the original style in the 1880s. The skirt began to have the narrow design in the 1908, making it as a major fashion trend in the 1910s.

The hobble skirt became popular and supreme in terms of fashion. Its slim design forced women of the said generation to take small geisha-like steps whenever they wore the skirts. Because of this, many employers barred their workers from wearing the hobble skirts at work.

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The Flapper Style of the 1920s

The drop waists, beads, and feathers were the major designs of the Flapper style. It was the most influential during that time because of its appealing design. This looks and fashion trends were easily recognized as that of the 1920s.

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The Bias-Cut Gowns Style of the 1930s

During the 1930s, the silver screen was the escape of the public as they face the Great Depression period. The famous gown design was the major fashion trend being used in most of the films directed by film icons including Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Jean Harlow.


The Bikinis of the 1940s

From the two-piece swimsuit to the bikinis, swimsuits were popularized and improved. Louis Reard, the French designer of the 1940s, was the one who introduced the belly button bikini. This style was popularized until now.

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The New Look of the 1950s

The structured bust, wasp waist, and voluminous taffeta of the layered skirt was the new look that debuted in 1947 by Christian Dior. This look became popular throughout the decade and became the common fashion trend of the middle-class women pronouncing femininity.


The Mini Skirt Style of the 1960s

Mary Quant designed the mini skirt way back 1960s in her London boutique. Though the style was controversial at first, it became popular since then, especially as technology then started to advance to the new generation.


The Platform Heels of the 1970s

The platform heels were among the fashion trend of the 70s, together with the wider jeans and synthetic fabrics. This was also the start of the punk styles as introduced by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.


The Aerobics Spandex leggings of the 1980s

Spandex became a famous fashion trend of the 1980s. Along with it, women were already professionally minded and they were into outfits with broad shoulders and shoulder pads.


The Minimalism Style of the 1990s

As the 21st century approaches, the fashion trend, as well as the technology, took advantage of the minimalist style. Minimalism became the new major fashion throughout the decade, along with the sheer fabrics, slip dresses, and baggy flannels.


The Tracksuit Style of the 2000s

Popular in the 2000s, suits and skinny jeans were famous as introduced by many celebrities and fashion icons. They are still popular and trendy as of today.

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The Athletic style of the 2010s

Everyone loves walking around even in tees and sneakers and hoodies. Sportswear as fashion is a trend that has been maximize to emphasize fashion. The trend continues and is becoming luxurious for the fashionable individuals.

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