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Jewelry Trends: What is Worth Buying This Season?

Jewelry Trends of the Season worth Buying

When it comes to jewelry choices, the trend for this season is becoming more distinct. The designs are ranging from big hoops of gold earrings to layers of pendants and necklaces to dainty anklets to rings and bracelets of dramatic details. Investing on these pieces of jewelries completes the outfits for an average celebrity personalities and fashionable girls. The fashion world of jewelry items has change a bit, and most of the jewelry pieces of this generation are amazingly designed for fashionable accessories. Whether you intend to wear pieces of jewelry from your monthly jewelry subscription box as status symbol or as adornment, you are fortunate that designers already gave the best suggestions.

Stackable Rings

One jewelry trend of this generation is the stacked ring. Celebrities and personalities are rocking the fashion world of jewelry by wearing designer’s stackable rings. They are great to mix and match different styles and colors of rings, thus creating a personalized fashion statement.


Bracelet Piles

Most fashionable personalities love wearing bunches of bracelets at a time. This is the hot trend in jewelry fashion now. Mixing and matching different bracelets in different designs or colors from your jewelry subscription box are just great to show off individualism and personality. You can always be creative when you wear your piles of bracelets and don’t be afraid to pile them up, thin or thick, on both arms.


Big Hoop Earrings

Fashionable women wear big hoop earrings to attract attention and to show fearlessness or boldness. Another jewelry trend of this season worth trying is the big hoop earrings. If you are tired of your simple plain diamond stud, try wearing the hoop earrings as your statement jewelry. You can pair them up easily with any outfits and with any hairstyles. Big hoop earrings are also visible all over fashion runways around the world today.


Layered Pendants and Necklaces

According to designers and jewelry trend setters, layering necklaces means more diversity in neck details. You can wear your favorite necklaces together to get that layer style, and the more combination you have, the better for the style. However, there is limitation to it. The key is to have a variety of length and not in bulk. Finer chains are best to layer up for a more charming fashion style.

statement jewelry

Anklet Trends

Ankle chains or ankle bracelets are commonly called as anklets. Throughout history, this trend has been visible. However, more than just a fashion on jewelry trend, wearing anklets may also symbolize some things. To some countries, married women who wear anklets signify they are “hot mamas” who play along the sexual relationship.  Some single ladies who wear their anklets on the right foot are sometimes referred to as “call girls” in some parts of the world while those women who wear their anklets on the right foot, similar to a wedding ring on the right hand, signifies they are taken and committed to a husband.

In this new generation of fashion trends, such symbolism may not be of importance, especially that many celebrities are seen in the runways wearing anklets as part of their outfits. Designers now include anklets as a great design for accessorizing for fashion.

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Chicest Collection: Clothes for Vacations

Chicest Collection of Clothes to Wear on Vacation

Featuring a line of chic collection of clothes to wear during a vacation, designers came up with designs for unique trend setters on cruise or resort vacation outfits. Despite the questions of many commoners as to where and how they would be able to wear these designs, this offer was intended for specific target market. Learn these lavish beaches, resorts, and cruise destinations and the right pair of clothes to wear on each vacation spot.

Designed by Elizabeth and James

This tighty-whities is paired with a tote and a pair of comfortable slides. Wearing it on your resort cabin or lodge-in room makes you ready to munch on your breakfast even when you just roll out of bed. Hop on out to the resort and get the fresh sunlight glow on your skin on this outfit, matched with some of your statement jewelry. Be chic and have fun in this collection by Elizabeth and James.


Designed by Marysia

This one piece bathing suit is fit for any beach vacation. It is such a novel design in its one-piece style that gives an illusion of a two-piece swimsuit. The one shoulder detail is also very charming, and Marysia is known for this on-trend design. Top it up with some of your nice necklace and earrings and you are ready to show your personalized style even without really swimming.


Designed by Novis

The breathable clothing designed by Novis is a great piece of clothing to wear on vacation. If you have limited space to pack your things but you want to bring a chic piece of outfit suitable for the vacation, resort or cruise, this is an option that will never fail you. The airy keyholes and sleeveless knit design of this dress cover up your body and yet provide you with the breezy comfort you need in a humid climate. Check out for the perfect jewelry from your jewelry subscription box to complete the style for your enjoyable vacation.


Designed by Christian Siriano

Cruising or bar hopping, you can be chic and fab in this outfit designed by Christian Siriano. You can even pair it up with your best buddy or sister and go down the streets in matching ensembles. This is the best way for the two of you to be a complement for each other without really looking the same. Get your set of jewelry items or statement jewelry and have a blast to the fine dine restaurants or bars together.

statement jewelry

Designed by Pucci

This outfit allows you to run in and have fun even by the pool or downtown. The color is bright but very appealing, you will surely attract attention. The floppy head covering is also a style that is very unique. If you want to cover your face when you happen to be in a place, you have the long fringe to rescue you. A nice tote or bag and a nice pair of heels will complete your jewelry set from your jewelry subscription box. Enjoy the moment while you are there and never let the people around to distract you in your chosen outfit for vacation.



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Ruby Gemstone: Why It’s So Precious

Interesting Facts about the Ruby Gemstone

When it comes to precious gemstones, the Ruby gem is one of the staples all around the world. Ruby is a gemstone that is at the forefront when luxury lore and birthstones are being discussed. You will find your monthly jewelry subscription box to contain sets of jewelry with details of rubies. Its inherent beauty, rare structure, and appealing color make it a very precious stone. More than just a gemstone, ruby is interesting for so many reasons. Here are some of the interesting facts about rubies:

Ruby, what is this Gemstone?

Ruby is from the Latin word “rubens” which means red. Although rubies are considered as corundum, its chromium contents make it red. There are also rubies in pink color and referred to as pink ruby or pink sapphire. Compared to diamonds, rubies have a scale of 9 in terms of Mohs scale of hardness, which is similar to sapphires but only second to diamonds.

jewelry gemstone ruby

Its Symbolism

Ruby is used in different movies to show power and to signify protection against evil powers. Symbolizing power and protection, ruby is also considered as the love gemstone because of its red color. In Biblical association, rubies are used to symbolize beauty, wisdom, and virtuosity. In many ancient folklores however, rubies are used to signify peace with enemies.

jewelry ruby necklace

Its Value

The value of ruby is very high that it sometimes comes similar to a diamond. A 10-Karat ruby or large ruby stone can be a rare stone and priced even higher than any averaged-size diamond. A deep-red ruby is also of high value, especially when found to have a hint of blue on its chromium. This type of ruby is known as the “pigeon’s blood.” Some rubies, on the other hand, have inclusions but can be tolerable, but when inclusions affect the ruby, its value decreases. Most of the high value rubies are usually mined somewhere in Myanmar, thus it is known as the Burmese Ruby.

ruby jewelry set

Famous Rubies all over the world

Among the famous rubies around the world are the Rosser Reeves Star Ruby, De Long Star Ruby, and the Edwardes Ruby. The Hope Ruby was the most expensive one that was sold with a weight of 32.08 carats and a price of $6.74 million. The ruby that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, which was designed by Van Cleef&Arpels, was also sold in 2011 with a price of $4.2 million and a total weight of 8.24 carats. The price of ruby per carat that time was approximately $500,000.

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Synthetic Rubies

Rubies have their imperfections as well. Similar to the emerald and other stones, such imperfections are used to identify synthetic rubies. When a ruby stone lacks inclusions, it is identified as synthetic. On the other hand, most of these simulated rubies are used to create different designs of stones for the jewelry. Some earrings, necklaces, bracelets, statement jewelry, and other precious heirlooms have rubies made from synthetic or simulated rubies.


The jewelry subscription box you have may contain jewelry with simulated rubies. They are beautiful sets of rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, and even watches created with details added with rubies for beauty and sophistication, and for symbolism.

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Best Summer Vacation Destinations

Best Destinations for Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the best time for the best destinations. When summer starts to roll, there are so many great destinations to choose from to cool down and to enjoy the vacation. If you want to narrow down your search and focus on the potential destinations within a specific country or state or region only, here are some of the best destinations recommended for you. Each destination is also described inclusive of activities, lodging and dining options, entertainment and adventure options, and transportation. Added to the description is the best outfit to wear when in a specific place.

Europe: Barcelona

Ranking 5th as the Best Destination for Summer Vacation in Europe, Barcelona is a place where you can experience a lot of adventures and trips. Lovers will find the BarriGotic as a favorite romantic spot in Barcelona while nature lovers will find the Park Guell the best and most colorful scenic spot in summer. The beach is also inviting with all the hustle and bustle of the summer activities. For nightlife and European experience, the Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a street packed with so many enticing places to hop on throughout the night.

It is nice to wear a great pair of sandals or slippers and a comfortable top and shorts. Don’t forget your bikinis and some soft dresses. Accessories like hats, jewelry, and bags are handy too. It’s a great time to open your jewelry subscription box and use your earrings, necklace, and bracelets as you walk along Barcelona.


Europe: Florence

Florence, Italy is the most romantic destination in Europe. Florence is a little city in Italy but it has fashionable and artistic people. Visit the city where the famous artists, including Michelangelo and Brunelleschi, came from, as well as the great and powerful Medici Family. Visit the city and view the amazing sunset scene and dine from the finest Italian restaurants around. The romantic charm of the place will captivate the hearts of young lovers.

Fashion is also a key description of the city. You will find the famous lines of clothing apparels here. Choose some fashionable but comfortable sets of clothes when in Florence. A pair of nice sandals completes a nice tees and jeans for day tour within the city. Dresses and heels would be great for dinner or romantic dates in Via Tornabuoni. Do not forget to bring your statement jewelry or some of your earrings, necklace, and bracelets from your jewelry subscription box. Travel in style when you are heading to Florence and feel at home to its charming destination.

statement jewelry

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Hop around the beautiful city of Amsterdam with your family and feel its romantic ambience. The maze canals, biking lanes, and shopping boutiques are among the enticing spots to never miss out when in Amsterdam for summer vacation. There are coffee shops and markets to stop by and there are tourist destinations to explore. Include in your itinerary the world class museum of Amsterdam and the quirky festival theatre. You may also want to listen to live music or enjoy the laid-back bars and some delightful restaurants along the city.

Make your summer vacation a trip to enjoy in Amsterdam by wearing your most comfortable summer clothes and accessories. Keep a pack of your earrings, necklace, and bracelets, or your statement jewelry from your jewelry subscription box to wear and pair with your nice dresses or outfits when you stroll around the city of Amsterdam.


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Decades of Fashion Trends

The Fashion Trends throughout the Decade

Decade after decade, the fashion trends change as a reflection of the shifts in culture, society, technology, and politics. The cycle of trends is very evident in fashion and the fashion trends in the past are coming back time and time again. Designers of this generation are actually looking back through the fashion trends of the decades and they get inspirations from past designs. In fact, the high waist bikinis of the 40’s are coming back and most of the popular trends of the past are included today in the latest designs. Here are some of the most influential fashion trends of the past that are still worn today:

The S-Bend Corset of the 1900s

statement jewelry box

During the Edwardian period, the S-Bend Corset or known as “health” corset was the fashion trend for health and posture purposes. In the early years of the decade, the figure was ideally more statuesque, focusing more on the other parts of the body instead of the waist.

The Hobble Skirt of the 1910s

During the Edwardian era, the only fad or fashion that was provocative that time was the Hobble skirt. Based on records, it was Paul Poiret who claimed the creation of the original style in the 1880s. The skirt began to have the narrow design in the 1908, making it as a major fashion trend in the 1910s.

The hobble skirt became popular and supreme in terms of fashion. Its slim design forced women of the said generation to take small geisha-like steps whenever they wore the skirts. Because of this, many employers barred their workers from wearing the hobble skirts at work.

statement jewelry

The Flapper Style of the 1920s

The drop waists, beads, and feathers were the major designs of the Flapper style. It was the most influential during that time because of its appealing design. This looks and fashion trends were easily recognized as that of the 1920s.

fashion jewelry

The Bias-Cut Gowns Style of the 1930s

During the 1930s, the silver screen was the escape of the public as they face the Great Depression period. The famous gown design was the major fashion trend being used in most of the films directed by film icons including Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Jean Harlow.


The Bikinis of the 1940s

From the two-piece swimsuit to the bikinis, swimsuits were popularized and improved. Louis Reard, the French designer of the 1940s, was the one who introduced the belly button bikini. This style was popularized until now.

costume jewelry

The New Look of the 1950s

The structured bust, wasp waist, and voluminous taffeta of the layered skirt was the new look that debuted in 1947 by Christian Dior. This look became popular throughout the decade and became the common fashion trend of the middle-class women pronouncing femininity.


The Mini Skirt Style of the 1960s

Mary Quant designed the mini skirt way back 1960s in her London boutique. Though the style was controversial at first, it became popular since then, especially as technology then started to advance to the new generation.


The Platform Heels of the 1970s

The platform heels were among the fashion trend of the 70s, together with the wider jeans and synthetic fabrics. This was also the start of the punk styles as introduced by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.


The Aerobics Spandex leggings of the 1980s

Spandex became a famous fashion trend of the 1980s. Along with it, women were already professionally minded and they were into outfits with broad shoulders and shoulder pads.


The Minimalism Style of the 1990s

As the 21st century approaches, the fashion trend, as well as the technology, took advantage of the minimalist style. Minimalism became the new major fashion throughout the decade, along with the sheer fabrics, slip dresses, and baggy flannels.


The Tracksuit Style of the 2000s

Popular in the 2000s, suits and skinny jeans were famous as introduced by many celebrities and fashion icons. They are still popular and trendy as of today.

fashion jewelry

The Athletic style of the 2010s

Everyone loves walking around even in tees and sneakers and hoodies. Sportswear as fashion is a trend that has been maximize to emphasize fashion. The trend continues and is becoming luxurious for the fashionable individuals.

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The Best Chic Jewelry for Hot Weather

Summer Outfits with Chic Jewelry

Everyone takes advantage of the sunny weather. From hanging out with friends to going out to the market to enjoying the beach vacation or other outdoor adventures, it is best to tailor your outfit for the summer season. Summertime is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities, and in all those things, you need a perfect summer outfit paired with chic jewelry. Here are some of the summer outfits to be ready with for this year’s summer season:

Beach time

Summer is never complete without enjoying the beach. When heading to your dream summer beach vacation, pack your bags with some outfits that include your swimsuit, pair of shorts, comfortable tees, and some jewelry pieces. Open your subscription box and choose simple pieces of jewelry for fun beach time.

chic jewelry statement jewelry

Market time

Spending some time in the market is a chance to be fashionable in your outfits and jewelry. Wear the boho style or boho-inspired look with a chic bohemian dress accessorized with beads of necklace and earrings and some bracelets. Boho style is a favorite summer outfit because it feels light and free-spirited. There are many bohemian-inspired fashion styles to choose from in terms of clothes and outfits, and when it comes to fashionable jewelry, you have the fringes and tassels for the earrings and some layers of necklaces for added details.

jewelry subscription box

Hiking time

The warm sunny weather of summer is a time to enjoy the nature. Hike up and down the mountains in your summer outfit of comfortable sleeveless top and shorts or pants. There are hiking clothes and hiking gears to choose from, but it is best to consider items that are versatile and useful. Pair them with a sneaky pair of hiking boots or sneakers and water-resistant backpack. Trail shoes are also comfortable to wear when hiking and you may want to bring extra socks for a blister-free outdoor hiking. Don’t forget to bring your jacket to have something to keep you warm, in case it is breezy up the hill. Wear a simple stud or wear nothing at all.


Movie time

Summer time is movie time with friends or family. As you go out to the movie house, choose cool and comfortable outfits and don’t forget your jacket. A pair of slip-on sandals or shoes is very versatile for this purpose. To complete your outfits, throw on any statement jewelry from your jewelry subscription box.


Picnic time

One of the best things to do during summer is picnic at the park. You will want to enjoy playing with the kids in the park or have fun with friends in a tour. For a comfortable and fun picnic time, wear summer outfits that include soft tees and shorts or pants, and a pair of embellished shoes. Bring along your cross body bag and wear a set of necklace and earrings in simple but fashionable style.

In addition to comfortable clothes and fashionable jewelry, bring along some of your skin care kit for UV protection and for first aid remedy against bug bites or mosquito bites. Summer time is the best time to enjoy the outdoor activities in your best summer outfits and chic jewelry items.

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90s Hairstyles + Statement Earrings, We Are All In!

Hairstyles of the 90’s with New Trends of Hoops and Big Earrings

The 90’s hairstyle is not just playful and youthful, but they also gave birth to some of the iconic hairstyles of prominent people. The style of the 90’s is facing a major comeback this year not only in wardrobe and makeups but also in hairstyles and jewelry, including hoops and big earrings. If you want to add some fun to your hair and jewelry styles, update your style this season with the 90’s styles with details of fashionable statement earrings and big hoops.

Here are some of the 90’s hairstyles that are so back this year and upgraded for the modern fashion:

French and Dutch Braids with Earrings

The texture of French or Dutch braids on the hair gives a very elegant and neat appearance, especially when added with details of jewelry and earrings. Everyone in the 90’s loves the classic and beautiful intricate weave of the French braids and the inverted braids of the Dutch braid style. For a modern hair design, some big earrings or hoops are preferred to highlight the braids.


Mini Braids

Mini braids are preferred to accent a specific hairstyle. They can be simple or minimal to highlight the major hairstyle. Statement jewelry and other fashionable accessories to wear may also add highlights to the hairstyles. Check out what your jewelry subscription box has in store for you for your mini braid hairstyle. This 90’s style has come back and may linger for a long while now that celebrities and fashion personalities prefer to wear them with fashionable jewelry.

statement jewelry

Half-Up Styles

If you are tired of wearing ponytails every day, have your hair in half-up style. You may choose to wear hair clips and pins or twist your hair up in a funky knot. The half-up hairstyle is one of the most favorite hairstyles of celebrities and fashion icons all over the world. This year, this old style is still up and about. But when you choose earrings and other jewelry to accentuate the half-up hairstyles, prefer studs and simple styles and let the hair do the talking.


Side Hair Tendrils

The side tendril style is a prom night style that has been used ever since. It is coming back again and again not just for proms but also for casual days. Pull down some pieces of hair strands on the side or in front of your face to bring back the 90’s hairstyle. This style of hair gives the face a romantic frame as it blends the longer strands with the short side hair strands. Make this style more beautiful by wearing hoops or big earrings. Depending on the event, you can wear a variety of earrings for the side hair style.

jewelry subscription box

Middle Part

Tired of the usual side part hairstyle? It’s time to love the new look of you in middle part hairstyle. Move the part from the side to the middle and let your curly hair flow down. Add details to your iconic hairstyle by wearing your statement jewelry of big earrings or chandelier earrings. A nice set of necklace from your jewelry subscription box is also a good choice.