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90s Hairstyles + Statement Earrings, We Are All In!

Hairstyles of the 90’s with New Trends of Hoops and Big Earrings

The 90’s hairstyle is not just playful and youthful, but they also gave birth to some of the iconic hairstyles of prominent people. The style of the 90’s is facing a major comeback this year not only in wardrobe and makeups but also in hairstyles and jewelry, including hoops and big earrings. If you want to add some fun to your hair and jewelry styles, update your style this season with the 90’s styles with details of fashionable statement earrings and big hoops.

Here are some of the 90’s hairstyles that are so back this year and upgraded for the modern fashion:

French and Dutch Braids with Earrings

The texture of French or Dutch braids on the hair gives a very elegant and neat appearance, especially when added with details of jewelry and earrings. Everyone in the 90’s loves the classic and beautiful intricate weave of the French braids and the inverted braids of the Dutch braid style. For a modern hair design, some big earrings or hoops are preferred to highlight the braids.


Mini Braids

Mini braids are preferred to accent a specific hairstyle. They can be simple or minimal to highlight the major hairstyle. Statement jewelry and other fashionable accessories to wear may also add highlights to the hairstyles. Check out what your jewelry subscription box has in store for you for your mini braid hairstyle. This 90’s style has come back and may linger for a long while now that celebrities and fashion personalities prefer to wear them with fashionable jewelry.

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Half-Up Styles

If you are tired of wearing ponytails every day, have your hair in half-up style. You may choose to wear hair clips and pins or twist your hair up in a funky knot. The half-up hairstyle is one of the most favorite hairstyles of celebrities and fashion icons all over the world. This year, this old style is still up and about. But when you choose earrings and other jewelry to accentuate the half-up hairstyles, prefer studs and simple styles and let the hair do the talking.


Side Hair Tendrils

The side tendril style is a prom night style that has been used ever since. It is coming back again and again not just for proms but also for casual days. Pull down some pieces of hair strands on the side or in front of your face to bring back the 90’s hairstyle. This style of hair gives the face a romantic frame as it blends the longer strands with the short side hair strands. Make this style more beautiful by wearing hoops or big earrings. Depending on the event, you can wear a variety of earrings for the side hair style.

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Middle Part

Tired of the usual side part hairstyle? It’s time to love the new look of you in middle part hairstyle. Move the part from the side to the middle and let your curly hair flow down. Add details to your iconic hairstyle by wearing your statement jewelry of big earrings or chandelier earrings. A nice set of necklace from your jewelry subscription box is also a good choice.


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